Anthony was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida. At the age of 11 he moved with his family to Des Moines, where he has proudly remained for the past 18 years.

A graduate of Mt. Rainier High School, class of 2008, Anthony spent his junior and senior year attending classes at Highline Community College (now simply Highline College) through the Running Start Program. After graduation he attended the Evergreen State College where he studied journalism and environmental science.

A father of two awesome children, Anthony has previously served as the Campaign Manager for King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, the Communications Director for a nonprofit organization, and he spent four years (2012-2016) as a unanimously elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO). In 2011 Anthony launched an online business which currently employs multiple people and receives millions of yearly views.

In addition, Anthony has spent hundreds of hours volunteering for various causes including putting an end to private, for-profit prisons, and increasing voter registration and turnout. In 2014 he received his black belt in tae kwon do.

For a look at some of the policies Anthony will support if elected to the Des Moines City Council, click here.


The campaign to elect Anthony Martinelli to Des Moines City Council, Position 06 is endorsed by:

  • Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, founding editor of the Harvard Mental Health Letter and The American Psychiatric Association Annual Review


  • Zack Hudgins, Washington State Representative (Chair of the State Government, Elections & Information Technology Committee)


  • Stacia Jenkins, Fmr. Normandy Park City Councilmember and Chair of the 33rd District Democrats


  • Elizabeth Albertson, Fmr. Kent City Councilmember


  • Jim Moeller, Fmr. State Representative (Speaker Pro Tempore) and chemical dependency counselor for Kaiser Permanente

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Below are just a few of the things Anthony Martinelli will work towards if elected to the Des Moines City Council:

  • Improving public safety

“Crime rates in Des Moines are unfortunately higher now than they were just five or 10 years ago. We need to put a larger focus on improving public safety, including increasing funding for our police so they can quickly hire new officers. We have a great police force, and they’re making strong (and successful) efforts to improve the situation, we just need to give them the funding they need to do the job as effectively as possible.”

  • Increasing our focus on homelessness and growing poverty rates

“If elected to the city council I would work relentlessly to address homelessness and growing poverty rates. I would do this through actions such as increasing funding for homeless services, making a stronger push to add more affordable housing to our city, and decreasing taxes and fees.

  • Increasing our focus on mental health issues

“If on the city council one of my primary focuses would be to increase and improve access to mental health care across the city.”

  • Bringing back free parking at the Marina for Des Moines residents

“The fact that Des Moines residents are required to pay to park at their own marina – something that was free for decades until 2017 – is something I strongly oppose. In justifying the policy, city leaders say that the funding is being used to pay for the failing seawall. However, at current revenue rates it would take decades for paid parking fees to cover the millions of dollars in repairs needed. If elected I would work to once again make marina parking free for those who live in Des Moines, while retaining paid parking for those visiting from outside the city (allowing for a retention of 70-80% of the current revenue based on city data).”
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Why I’m Running

I moved to Des Moines with my family when I was 11. Coming from a small Florida town, I didn’t know what to expect. As it often goes when you’re a kid, I was simply going with the flow. What I found was a city beaming with potential and filled with kind, interesting people. A town I’m still happy to call home.

I consider myself lucky that I went to Midway Elementary and Mt. Rainier High School. Both had teachers that I’ll remember forever and truly helped me grow as a person. I was proud to attend the hometown college (Highline) through the Running Start program during my junior and senior year of high school. My first job was at the McDonalds on Pac Highway.

As I got older, and became a father of two, I proudly chose to remain living in Des Moines. Even when working full-time in Olympia for a period of time, I chose to commute to and from Des Moines rather than move.

Throughout the years I’ve watched the city grow and improve in many areas, while unfortunately regressing in others. Crime rates are higher now than they were five or 10 years ago, and so are poverty rates. In addition, our local government lacks transparency, and city leaders haven’t done near enough to take full advantage of our city’s untapped potential, or to promote our city’s businesses.

I’m running for city council because I believe strongly that Des Moines needs more councilors willing to confront the issues our city faces and to work towards bringing us into the future while retaining our small-town charm. I love this city as much as anyone else, and I don’t want us to become a small Seattle, but we have to face our challenges head-on rather than looking past them. We have to push for new, innovative ways to improve our resident’s way of life and to make our city a safer place to live.

If elected to the city council, I would do just that. I would work nonstop to better our city. I would listen to my constituency, and would truly take into account what it is they want me to focus on and support (I would hold regular open-to-the-public office hours, and would personally respond to all e-mails and calls). I will always stand by my convictions, and have plenty of policies I would immediately begin working on, but I’m also willing to consider all angles of any issue and admit when I’m wrong when presented with new information, rather than blindly follow a particular ideology or political party regardless of the facts.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about me, please click here. If you’d like to see a list of some of the policies I would support if elected, please click here

I strongly appreciate – and am honored by – any consideration you give to supporting my campaign for Des Moines City Council, Position 06.

Thank you,

Anthony Martinelli

Martinelli Announces 2019 Campaign for Des Moines City Council

Longtime resident and community activist Anthony Martinelli today announced his 2019 campaign for Des Moines City Council.

Martinelli, a former campaign manager for King County Council member Dave Upthegrove, ran for Council two years ago against incumbent Mayor Matt Pina, but lost a race that was competitive despite being outspent by nearly four to one. He expects to once again receive the support of the King County Labor Council, King County Democrats, and the host of current and former elected officials who supported his run in 2017.

“Des Moines is still in need of leaders with bold and innovative ideas for addressing rising poverty and crime,” said Martinelli. “My top priority is a safe city.”

Martinelli graduated from Mt. Rainier High School in 2008 and studied journalism and environmental science at The Evergreen State College. He spent years working as communications director for a nonprofit organization, as well as for Councilmember Upthegrove. In 2011 Martinelli launched an online business which currently employs multiple people and receives millions of views each year.

Martinelli is a father of two and has been an active volunteer for various groups and causes. He has also served as a unanimously elected Precinct Committee Officer (2012 to 2016).

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